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Bingo Lingo & Glossary

If you are new to Bingo, then you may not yet be familiar with all the expressions frequently used in chat. Not to worry! We have put together the most commonly used acronyms:

1 Bingo Ball to Bingo2 Bingo Balls to BingoAs Soon As Possible
Be Right BackBy The WaySee You Later
For Your InformationGood GameGood Luck Everyone
Have a Good DayHurry Back!In My Honest Opinion
JackpotJust KiddingOK
Laugh Out LoudLaughing My A$$ OffNo Problem
Oh My GoshPrivate MessagePlease
Rolling on The Floor LaughingSorryThanks
Thank YouThank You Very MuchTalk to You Later
Welcome BackWell DoneWay to Go
You're WelcomeYou're Very Welcome

The glossary below is an amazing resource for both new and experienced bingo players. It shows how bingo call outs have touched every corner of British society, and have been influenced by cockney rhyming slang, archaic war time expressions, and even famous faces like Booby Moore and the Bee Gees. So, if you have ever wondered why the 33 ball is sometimes called "Sherwood Forest", or you would like to know what number "P.C.", "a flea in heaven", or "one score" refers to, then read on.

1Kelly's EyeNamed after the one-eyed Australian gangster, Ned Kelly.
2One Little DuckWe've always thought that ducks look like little 2's.
3One Little FleaOn its side, a flea looks like a three. Oops, I meant a three looks like a flea. They're so similar, after all.
4Bobby MooreLegendary English footballer who captained the England team that won the 1966 World Cup
5One Little SnakeMore likely a snake with a kink in it. Kinky snake.
6Tom MixThomas Edwin aka Tom Mix, was an American film actor and the star of 336 silent Western movies.
7One Little CrutchOne Little Crutch refers to the shape of the number seven.
8Harry TateRonald Hutchinson aka Harry Tate was a popular music performer and was killed in WWII.
9Doctor's OrdersDuring World War II, the common name for the laxative pill was a "number 9".
10Downing StreetThe name refers to whoever currently resides at Number 10 Downing Street
11Legs ElevenWhat a lovely pair of numbers. The players often wolf whistle in response.
12Monkey's CousinRhyming slang for one dozen.
13Baker's DozenBakers used to give away an extra bap. Now that's customer care.
14Valentine's DayA much "loved" holiday which falls on February 14th.
15Rugby TeamA rugby team consists of 15 players.
16Never Been KissedMaybe in the good old day, not so sure about these days though!
17Dancing QueenFrom the ABBA song, Dancing Queen.
18Coming of AgeThe legal age where you can marry, drink, vote and play online bingo!
19Goodbye TeensThe last of a person's teenage years.
20One ScoreDerived from counting sheep. Shepherds would keep tally by scoring notches with every 20 sheep counted.
21Royal SaluteA 21 gun salute is used on grand occasions such as a royal birthday.
22Bishop DesmondDesmond Tutu was a South African activist and the first black Archbishop of Cape Town.
23The Lord is my ShepherdRefers to Psalm number 23 in the Bible.
24Pompey WhoreSaid to be a nickname used by soldiers in WWII, Pompey being slang for Portsmouth.
25Duck & DiveA popular expression used in Boxing circles, or figuratively speaking, to "avoid something or someone".
26Bed & BreakfastTraditionally, B&Bs used to cost "2 and 6" (two shillings and a sixpence).
27Duck with a CrutchRefers to the shape of the numbers. Not actual ducks with crutches.
28Duck & Its MateAnother Bingo Duck reference. Quack Quack.
29In Your PrimeAn expression used to cheer people up who are feeling down about their age.
30Burlington BertieRefers to a song from 1900 and its famous parody "Burlington Bertie from Bow" written in 1915.
31Get Up & RunThis seems to be the only one… Oh my, isn't rhyming fun!
32Buckle My ShoeRefers to a nursery rhyme believed to be about lace makers from the 16th, 17th or 18th century,
33Sherwood ForestThe home of Robin Hood and used as a rhyme of "threes" and "trees".
34Ask for MorePossible reference to the famous line in "Oliver" – "please sir, can I have some more?"
35Jump & JiveA classic style of dance floor Boogie.
36Three DozensDo the math…
37A Flea in HeavenA combination of the popular call outs "flea" for "three" and "Seventh Heaven" for 7.
38Christmas CakeUsed all year round by many… Yum.
39All the StepsFrom the classic espionage book/film "The 39 Steps".
40Blind 40The word "Blind" tells players that the number is just 40, with no number to follow.
41Life's BegunIt "Life begins at 40", then at 41 it has begun.
42That Famous Street in Manhattan42nd Street in Manhattan is famous largely for its theatres.
43Down on Your KneesPossibly popularized by soldiers during the war.
44Droopy DrawersRhyme that refers to baggy trousers.
45Halfway ThereRefers to the fact that 45 is half of 90.
46Up to TricksA rhyme meaning "up to no good" or mischief.
47Four and SevenProbably the least imaginative Bingo call-out.
48Four DozenOne for the math-wizards to work out.
49PCPolice references here come from the popular 40s – 50s radio show "PC 49".
50Bull's EyeThe number of points awarded for a bull's eye in the game of darts.
51The Highland DivThe Highland Division were famed during WWII for their bravery and abilities to combat.
52Danny La RueFamous British drag artist (1927 – 2009)
53Here Comes Herbie53 is the racing number of "Herbie", the VW Beetle. Players often reply "beep, beep"!
54House of BambooAndy Williams song from 1959 has the lyric "number 54 the house with the bamboo door".
55Bunch of FivesVintage Boxing expression referring to ones fists.
56Was She Worth It?Ye olde price of a UK marriage licence. The players shout back "Every Penny"
57Heinz VarietiesHeinz products famously have "57 varieties" on the label originating from 1892. Now they have over 1,300.
58Choo Choo ThomasFrankly, what 58 has to do with "Thomas the Tank Engine" remains a mystery.
59Brighton LineThe traditional English bus service from London to Brighton was number 59.
60Blind 60Surprised that 60 doesn't have a more iconic "call out"…?
61Baker's BunAnother delicious rhyme.
62Tickety BooPossibly a descendent of the Hindi expression "tickee babu", meaning "everything all right".
63Tickle MeJust another silly rhyme.
64The Beatles NumberRefers to th e Beatles Song "When I'm 64" by the Beatles.
65Stop WorkRetirement age for employees on England.
66Clickety ClickAn expression meaning a fast and rhythmic click-clack sound.
67Argumentative NumberAt 6s and 7s describes a state of confusion or disagreement derived from ye olde dice game "Hazard".
68Saving Grace"Saving Grace" was a novel by Celia Gittelson made into a film around 1986. But the Bingo connection is unknown.
69A Meal for TwoAny Way Up – Either way, it's all the same to me.
70Three Score & TenSurely, it's easier just to say "70" and leave it at that… That's tradition for you.
71Bang on the DrumPerhaps a subtle reference to military drummers.
72Par for the CourseTypically, championship golf courses have a par value of 72.
73Queen BeeBee careful, this ball could sting you!
74Candy StoreOur favourite of all the rhyming call outs.
75Big DaddyIn the US, Bingo only does to 75 making 75 the "Big Daddy" or "Granddad".
76TrombonesRefers to the musical piece "76 Trombones" typically played at every parade you'll ever go to.
77Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip was a popular American TV Show about private detectives.
78Heaven's Gate7th Heaven meets Golden Gate 8 resulting in 78, Heaven's Gate.
79One More TimeA rhyme possibly making a joke about the repetitive nature of being a bingo balls master.
80Gandhi's BreakfastGandhi was known for fasting among many other things, i.e., he ate nothing. Get it?
81Stop & RunIt may rhyme, but it doesn't make a lot of sense…
82Straight on ThroughAn expression meaning to continue, without stopping.
83Ethel's EarLegend has it that Ethel was an old lady Bingo player who had very peculiar shaped ears.
84Seven DozenBut who's counting?
85Staying AliveThe Bee Gees infamous hit disco song.
86Between the SticksPossibly another war time expression, where soldiers would play football using sticks for goal posts.
87Torquay in DevonTorquay is a popular holiday destination for many a Bingo-granny.
88Wobbly WobblyIt might not be PC but 8's are often referred to as "fat ladies" and here we have two of them.
89All but OneThe penultimate ball.
90End of the LineAn expression derived from train commuting.