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52-5 BINGO

This game is similar to the classic bingo games, but with a totally different look! It is played with tickets shown in a different visual way per game theme – you’ll have to log in and have a look for yourself to see just what we mean!

Each ticket holds five placeholders which represent different numbers.
In Sing Bingo, we use playing cards.


So, how do you play 52-2 Bingo? We’ve created a handy list that shows you each step of the gameplay fun:

1 Players (that’s you!) buy their tickets from the Lobby.
2 The fun starts – the game begins and the caller calls out random cards from the deck.
3 The first player to cover all five cards on one of their tickets wins the game!
4 The winner is paid.
5 The game starts again!

This game is quick and has the potential to pay out to one lucky FH winner, or it can be won by a number of players who would share the jackpot equally!

If you’re looking for a fresh way of looking at bingo, 52-5 games could be just the thing you were looking for!