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This is the classic, traditional bingo game that we all know and love – popular in bingo halls up and down the country! When people think about bingo, this is the game that comes to mind.

A 90-ball bingo card comprises three rows of 9 squares each, that is, 27 squares. 15 of them contain random numbers and the rest are blank – don’t mind those! You only need to cover the numbered squares to win!


So, how do you play 90-ball bingo? We’ve created a handy list that shows you each step of the gameplay fun:

1Players (that’s you!) buy their game cards from the Lobby. The minimum is 1 card, but the more cards you purchase, the better your odds of winning!
2The fun starts – the game begins and the caller calls out numbers randomly.
3If the numbers appear on a player’s card, the player daubs them (that just means you cover them). In online bingo we make things even easier, as the system will automatically cover the called numbers for you, so you will never miss a call!
4The winning card(s) are revealed.
5The game starts again from the beginning.

Want to know the best part of the game?

You get three chances to win: 1 Line, 2 Lines or Full House!

The 1 Line winner is the first player that covers all the numbers in any horizontal line on any of their cards.

lines1a.png lines1b.png lines1c.png
lines2a.png lines2b.png

The 2 Line winner is the first player to cover any 2 horizontal lines on any of their cards, and usually wins a bigger prize than the 1 Line winner.

Finally, the Full House winner covers all 3 lines on any of their tickets, and usually takes the biggest prize!